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Tuesday 23, 2021
Urgent care is more necessary than we think!

Emergency care service is a division of medicine that is closely associated with crisis situations in terms of their immediate diagnosis and timely treatment, which needs to be the most precocious and time-saving because this is where the difference between living and dying becomes apparent and evident. The unforgiving lifestyle today has proven to be a huge factor in the increase in serious injuries and freak incidents that may severely render people in need of urgent care, leaving minimal reaction time for the body to recover and heal. Immediate aid and recuperation techniques need to be running for sudden use if the situation requires.


Swisschem Healthcare, the Pharma Franchise for Critical Care Medicines, a branch of the Swastik Medical Sciences, has initiated manufacturing for critical care medicine and drugs range to provide for critical needs, offering products and medicines affiliated to noted medical institutions such as FDA, FSSAI and DCGI. Production is carried out under strict guidelines issued by GMP and WHO. The intensive care and medicinal industry is a very ambitious space for enterprising opportunities and has a tentative scope of over $81.7 Billion, making it one with brutal competition and ever-rising demand. As prices of remedies and particular bedding for special needs have risen, profitable venture prospects have shown growth in direct proportion in this field. Presently, businesses are expected to get more returns in the coming decades, hence investing is revenue-generating and preferred.


Invasive monitoring and complicated organ support machines are essential to the entire procedure. Intensive care units (ICU’s) are most frequently used in such situations. Swisschem Critical care secures all our extracts and equipment for drugs from 100% pure and genuine means with balanced dosages for every chemical and ingredient to make them as effective as possible while still being safe to consume with scarcest side effects.


At Swisschem, we derive all of our constituents directly from nature. 100% natural extracts and prepared under expert supervision and seamless methods and processes to make the medicines as effective and soothing as possible to everyone who puts them to use to treat their ailments and issues. Another facet we always keep under strict consideration is the quality of materials used in creating the medicines to ensure the safety of consumption with minimal side effects and adverse reactions. Being one of the foremost producers and dealers of Critical care equipment and medications, quality check is strictly adhered to and appreciated by consumers and patients across the country. Some of the medication we are recognised to manufacture are:


● Powder

● Ointments

● Creams etc.

● Solid capsules and tablets

● Dry syrups

● Sachets

● Injectables

● Softgels Capsules

● Syrups

● Pediatric range of critical care medicine and drugs