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Swisschem Dermacare

We give the best of ayurveda to the Health Care Industry.

Welcome To Swisschem Dermacare | Best Derma PCD Franchise Company in India

Dedicated to making the largest organ of the human body seen from a new perspective, Swisschem Dermacare commenced in 2008, working towards bringing exquisite quality and optimum solutions for dermatological ailments such as acne, fungal infection, eczema, psoriases, sunburn, hair loss, seborrhea etc. A branch of Swastik Life Sciences, Derma care offers extensive Pharma manufacturing and Best Derma Franchise Company in India opportunities for businesses in the field of dermatological care. We put in major efforts to induce better quality and safer drugs that are regularly refreshed by development in formulating procedures. Servicing all over India on a monopolistic basis, we are one of the superior Derma Franchise organizations to deal in a PCD based business.

Swisschem Derma care has brought clinically tested and trusted drugs and skin care products that satisfy all of your necessities for sanitary, practical and safe lookouts when it comes to suppleness and health of your skin. We strive to work towards generating the best possible solutions made with thorough research and quality formulations for products like shampoos, medicated lotions, ointments, face washes, tablets and capsules, etc that are all certified by the DCGI and marked with the highest quality standards under guidelines of GMP and WHO of being hypoallergenic and safe for use by even the most sensitive of skins. We are a reputable and trustworthy Derma firm serving at a pan India level.

All our products are customized to suit the specific needs of varying skin types and treat every individual ailment from its root. Swisschem Dermacare’s devotion to achieving exceptional quality prolongs through each and every phase of processing from procurement of raw materials to packaging and timely delivery. Our residual aim is to provide derma care solutions that are one of a kind, unique, affordable and have effective deep action functioning to treat dermatological issues and eradicate them completely. We actively believe in building conducive business relationships and offer complete support to partners of this Franchise.



Choicest Quality Dermatology & Cosmeceutical Formulations

At Dermacare, we are always in search of understanding your necessity for better skincare solutions at a deeper level. Skin is an extremely delicate organ of our body that requires constant care and proper attention to remain supple and glowing. All of our commodities are produced in certified and up to date laboratories by a skilled group of expert dermatologists with in-depth knowledge and cosmeceutical products. Fine grade ingredients and purest natural extracts are used with minimal input of harmful preservatives to retain polished quality of all substances and maintain our high standards. Being licensed professionals committed to our duties, our partners meet and experience the best in the Derma Industry. We offer a wide range of products for the Derma PCD Franchise business.


Our Swisschem Dermacare Products Range

Our Swisschem Dermacare products list consists:
  • ITRACHEM-T cream