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Tuesday 23, 2021
Top Pharma franchise for Ophthalmic Solutions

We build our existence revolving around the blessing called eyesight, find our esplanade in life thanks to our sense of vision, which helps us grow to heights we dream and work hard for. It's what helps us know what colour suits us best, the white hue of jasmine that looks beautiful in our mother’s hair and how the vast serene ocean is an endless blue abyss. It helps us choose our favourite holiday destination, and also drive in the right lane.


One of the Best Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Company in India, Swissvision by Swastik Life Sciences is a one of its kind organization that uses aspects and decoctions obtained from natural resources and Ayurveda itself to help enhance and maintain our endowed gift.


An Ayurveda based initiative, we work largely towards looking for dependable and natural remedies and medications to support patients with ophthalmic problems and help them have a better chance at attaining clearer eyesight. We offer varying classifications of products from anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic drops and ointments concocted from the best quality elements manufactured while strictly following standard guidelines issued by GMP and WHO.


In detail, the products we manufacture are as follows and provide the following services:


●     Antiviral medicines or drops for protection and treatment against virus-based infections and optic diseases.


●     Antibacterial drugs for eye problems originating from bacteria based infections.


●     Anti-allergic drops and tablets that treat the eye if it has an allergic reaction to certain stimuli or infectant.


●     Ointments to treat styes and outer eye problems.


We are renowned all over the country for generating eye drops and medicines that help in the betterment of eye-related diseases and also for general maintenance of the eyesight. We also provide an extraordinary variety of solutions that have remained unbeaten in the industry, contrived from the choicest quality elements manufactured completely according to set guidelines. Our intimacy with Ayurveda further amplifies our reliability and notoriety as one of the most trusted and certified ophthalmological solutions manufacturing pharma corporations PAN India.


Being a family of 500+ members, we are on our way to a stronghold in the medical industry and work as hard as possible to serve our customers with the best eye care remedial products and are also certified by ISO, using state-of-the-art machinery and chemical laboratories installed with the latest technologies to ensure efficiency in work. Swissvison believes in full transparency in functions and carrying out various essential procedures, which has boosted our reputation as one of the best and topmost Ophthalmic pharma companies in India. We cater to a vast audience, from private practitioners to hospital franchises and have garnered a loyal base of consumers of our carefully crafted products to help our country build an empire of healthy eyes and a happy population.