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Tuesday 30, 2021
The Top PCD Pharma franchise company you can find

Mahatma Gandhi believes that it is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver or any other precious metals or materialistic desires. If one cares for their own self, everything else becomes an easy task in the process of living and existing in this world. An abundance of health is a blessing few people have and taking care of and preserving our health is a concern that requires utmost importance given to it. Swastik Life Sciences is a budding modern-science-meets-ayurveda venture that amalgamates all-natural and scientific properties of both these distinct cultures and brings them together to form new age medicines and drugs to treat numerous diseases and disorders pertaining to various ailments of the body and mind.


Swastik Life Sciences is the Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Indiaand is a brainchild of Digitech Software and Solutions. We are a renowned and reputable firm well known for holding a large control syndicate in the acquisition of the Pharma franchise and PCD Pharma. Looking at expansion as an eager prospect for business, we readily uphold new talent in the form of diligent colleagues to work together in marking new milestones with reliable and manoeuvrings for future investments panning all around the country.

We have a wide range of products with world-class quality assurance and certified processes formulated under strict guidelines by WHO and GMP.

We currently have eight branches that we serve and manufacture medicines for. These are:


Swissvision: Swiss vision by Swastik Life Sciences is a venture that uses phenomena and benefits obtained from nature and Ayurveda itself to help enhance and maintain our blessed gift. One of the best Ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies in the country, it is an Ayurveda based enterprise that works extensively towards looking for safe and natural treatments and medicines to aid patients with eye ailments have a better chance at attaining a clearer vision. Ranging from anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic drops and ointments Swissvison offers a massive variety of formulae derived from the best quality elements manufactured while sincerely adhering to standard guidelines issued by WHO as well as GMP.


SKG International: A Brainchild of SwisscheM Healthcare and Swastik Life Sciences, SKG International is a reputed and established Pharma franchise company dealing in the production and manufacturing of PCD Pharma and Pharma franchises all over India. This organization was founded in 2015 and has since grown to become the prime pharma enterprises in the city. SKG offers a compact safe space to countless services such as third-party manufacturing and marketing and PCD pharma franchise service in the production and sale of top quality drugs and pharmaceutical medicines.


Swastik Ayurveda: One of the most renowned ayurvedic medical solutions organisations in India that works towards satisfying diverse requirements of patients with our range of products that help in prevention & protection against numerous diseases. All the ingredients comprising of our products are 100% naturally extracted and formulated under strict regulations issued by WHO and GMP and especially pertaining to guidelines and certified by the Ministry of AYUSH.


Swisschem Healthcare: Swisschem Healthcare is the embodiment of superiority and accuracy by means of its reputed pharmaceutical products made using the finest technologies for better treatment of ailments and diseases. Being one of the best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Chandigarh, we are the ideal choice to build successful business relationships within this sector.


Swisschem Dermacare: Derma care offers extensive opportunities for businesses in the field of dermatological care. We put in major efforts to induce better and safer drugs that are regularly invigorated by development in procedures with advancing technology. Servicing all over India on a monopoly, we are one of the superior Derma Franchise organizations to deal in a PCD based business.



Swisschem Gynae care: The Gynecological branch is a remarkable effort made by Swastik Life Sciences, to lend a helping hand to gestating women as well as new mothers in making a challenging and unforeseen chapter of their lives pass by more comfortably. The enterprise manufactures and provides a wide set assortment of products and medicines particularly centring on gynaecological health and other necessary requirements.


Swisschem Critical care: As demand for critical and emergency care medicines is rising, so is the need for manufacturing and supply for the same. Swisschem Critical Care, a franchise of the Swastik Medical Sciences, has initiated the manufacturing for a variety of critical care medicine and drugs range to cater to immediate needs of the hour, offering products and medicines affiliated to and certified by noted medical institutions such as FDA, FSSAI and DCGI.


Swisschem Neuro care: A progeny of Swastik Life Sciences has come up with a franchise to produce quality drugs and medicines targeting neuropsychiatric issues and psychological disorders to help those suffering from these have a better shot at a normal life.