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Wednesday 31, 2021
The healthcare welfare

Ever since we are born, and ever since the inception of time, humankind has been taught to take care of its body, mind and overall health and maintain a healthy stature for the longevity of life and a happy one at that. Though it is also a fact that our body is not immune to the manifold of bacteria and viruses that roam around in the atmosphere. Therefore there are many ways that man has invented to regain their health and retain a happy body for longer.


One such invention is that of the vast domain of healthcare and medicines to help the body fight against deadly diseases. To aid us in building our immunity better through capsules, tablets, vaccines and injectables and what not.


Swisschem Healthcare, A branch of the Ayurveda-meets-modern-medicine giant Swastik Life sciences is one of the Pharma Healthcare Franchise company in India and also the leading drug manufacturer in the country. Being the embodiment of distinction and precision, Swisschem operates by means of the reputation of its pharmaceutical products made using the most exquisite methods for better treatment of ailments and diseases. Being one of the top players in the field we have acquired both the skill and quality to deserve our esteemed platform in the industry.


We manufacture over 1500+ products and that too in many industries such as medicines for eyesight, gynaecological care, neuropsychiatric care and critical care which cater to different needs of different age groups and ailments that people require to treat and preserve their health and bodily functions for better coordinating and operations. All products generated in our world-class laboratories are made using top-notch ingredients which are obtained from the cleanest possible resources and derived from the depths of nature so that they serve the purpose of being naturally effective on the body with minimal side effects and negative factors caused by ingestion of the drugs.


Research and development teams of Swisschem devote countless hours of effort and hard work into the production process of all products and ensure proper certification of medications from registered authorities such as FSSAI, FDA, DCGI and adhere to guidelines set by WHO and GMP with all possible legislations kept in mind. We produce a number of drugs that include but are not limited to the manufacturing of a vast range of products like Analgesic Tablets, Antihistamines, Antibiotics, Antiulcerant Medicines, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Protein Powders, Pharmaceutical Injections, Ayurvedic Medicines etc.


Offering rights of monopoly and benefits, Swisschem stays connected with our partners through all kinds of situations, adding more reliability to being the best Pharma healthcare Franchise in the industry.