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Pharma Franchise For Critical Care Medicines

Pharma Franchise For Critical Care MedicinesSwisschem Healthcare, the enterprise for all medical ailments and remedies at the best quality. Critical healthcare is an aspect of medicine that has to be handled with extreme delicacy and focus. There is a lot at stake and precaution & precision is but a small portion of a much larger grey area. Swisschem Healthcare, a franchise of the Swastik Medical Sciences, has come up with manufacturing for a variety of critical care medicine and drugs range to cater to immediate needs of the hour, offering products and medicines affiliated to and certified by noted medical institutions such as FDA, FSSAI and DCGI. Production is foreseen under strict guidelines issued by GMP and WHO.

The intensive or critical care pharma drugs have been in great demand since the surgeries demand have risen over the period of falling mortality rate. These include a wide range of medicines for various parts and systems of the body. SwisscheM Healthcare is a dedicated manufacturing and franchise company for critical care medicines and drugs. Pharma franchise for critical care medicines is the best way to own your own business and have a profitable future. All the products are certified from medical institutions like FSSAI, FDA, and DCGI being produced in company’s own GMP and WHO units.

The critical care and medicine industry is a humongous space for business opportunities and has a playing ground of over $81.7 Billion, making it one of the businesses with fierce competition and high end demand. As costs of treatment and special bedding has gone up, so have possibilities for profitable ventures in this field. Presently on a steady rise as well, business are expected to receive elevated returns in the near future, hence investing in this domain is safe and revenue generating.

Pharma Franchise For Critical Care Medicines

Scope Of Franchise Business For Intensive/ Critical Care Medicines and Pharma Drugs  

Wide Range Of Critical Care Medicines Formulation Provided By SwisscheM Healthcare

Quality is an unwavering principle here at Swisschem and being one of the foremost producers and dealers of Critical care equipment and medications, it is strictly adhered to and appreciated by consumers and patients across the country. Some of the medication and drug doses we are known to provide are:

  1. Solid capsules and tablets
  2. Softgels Capsules
  3. Syrups
  4. Dry syrups
  5. Sachets
  6. Injectables
  7. Pediatric range of critical care medicine and drugs
  8. Powder
  9. Ointments
  10. Creams etc.
Critical Care Medicines

Our Swisschem Critical Care Products Range

Our Swisschem Critical Care products list consists:
  • DORICHEM 500